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Walkthrough of Mythology Island:

1. Go to the freezer and get some ice
2. Go up to the bedroom and click on the clocks. the goal is to get them so strike 12:00 at the same time, when youre done, collect the lantern
3. Go across into the dining room and click the spider on the floor, it scares the witch, jump on the broom
4. Ride it through the hole in the ceiling and to the left, you will see a trunk, click it
5. It is a puzzle, move the peices the opposite direction than the game does
6. A cup will fly out, jump and get it
7. Head back to the basement

* Basement
o Go left and fill the lamp with kerosine
o Head back to the main house
* Main house
o Talk to the cat, it will tell you to go to the cherub statue
o Head back through the basement and out the door
* Outside
o Head for the cherub statue
o You will notice a hole where the statue was, go down it
* In the hole:
o Talk to the witch, she will give a speech and then give you fifty bucks
o You have completed the haunted house, spend the fifty bucks wisely
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