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The Quran tells us many wonderful things about Jesus. As a result, believers in the Quran love Jesus, honor him and believe in him. In fact, no Muslim can be a Muslim unless he or she believes in Jesus, on whom be peace.

Quran says that Jesus was born of a virgin, as he said when he was just a baby, he healed the blind and the leper by God, and that he is dead, God's leave.

What is the significance of these miracles? First, the virgin birth. God shows his power to create in every way. God created all we know of the man and woman. But how about Adam, whose peace? Or ga God created man or woman. And Eve from only a man, but not women. And finally, the pictures, the God of Jesus from a woman, but not the man.

What about the other miracles? These are to show that Jesus was not on his own account, but that was supported by God. Koran says that the miracles were performed by God, to go. This is comparable to the book of Acts in the Bible, chapter 2, verse 22, where it says that the miracles did God show that he approved of Jesus. Also, keep in mind that Jesus is recorded in the Gospel of John that said, nothing I can do my own authority "(5:30). Wonders, therefore, were done not by his own authority, but by God's power.

What Jesus taught? The Koran tells us that Jesus came to teach the same basic message which was taught by previous prophets of God that we must avoid any false God and worship only one true God. Jesus taught that he is the servant and messenger that one of the true God, the God of Abraham. These Quranic teachings can be compared to the Bible (Mark 10:18, Matthew 26:39, John 14:28, 20:17 and 17:3) where Jesus teaches that the gifts on a one true God. See also Matthew 12:18, Acts 3:13, and 4:27 where we find that his disciples knew him as a servant of God.

The Koran tells us that some of Israel rejected Jesus, and combined to kill him, but Allah (God) rescued Jesus raised him and for themselves. Allah Jesus to descend again, when he confirmed his true teachings and everyone will believe in him as he is and how the Quran teaches about him.

Jesus is the Messiah. He is Allah, and spirit from him. He is respected in this world, and in the hereafter, and he is one of those nearest Allah.

Jesus was a man who told the truth, what he heard from God. This can be compared with the Gospel according to John, where Jesus says to Israel: "You are determined to murder me, a man who told the truth that I heard from God" (John 8:40).

Virgin birth of Jesus
Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. When the angels announced to Mary (peace upon her) about Allah's promise to have a son, she was surprised, because she was a virgin. "How is this possible?" She thought. It is reminded that it is easy for Allah to do what he wants.

She said: "My lord, how can I find any child when the mortal has touched me?" He said: Well, (will be). Allah creates what He will. Decreeth if the thing says that it only: Be! and it is (Qur'an 3:47).

It is not difficult for Allah to do what he wants. May he be a child with both human parents or only one. It is no wonder the outside of his control. After all, He created Adam (peace upon him) or of a man or a woman. He created the rest of us from the men and women. What is so hard if Allah decides for men from the women themselves? He only commands "Be!" And this is happening.

Some people think that since Jesus, peace upon him, had no human father then God must be his father. The Qur'an rejects this view. The position of Jesus with Allah is like the attitude of Adam with Allah. Just because Adam had no human parent does not mean that we call him the Son of God.

Lo! likeness of Jesus with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then said to him: Be! he said. (Qur'an 3:59).

According to the Qur'an, everyone except Allah, and his servants.

And they say: The beneficial took his son. Indeed you impose a disastrous thing, whereby almost the heavens being torn, and the country is divided and when the mountains fall to ruins, which you attributed to charitable son, when you do not meet the (Majesty of) beneficial to chose a son. There is no one in heaven and on earth, but a charitable as a slave. (Quran 19:88-93)

Miracles of Jesus
According to the Koran, Jesus, on whom peace, performed the following miracles by Allah, and leave:

1. Speakers for the time when he was just a baby.
2. Heal those born blind.
3. Healed lepers.
4. Again death.
5. Breathed life into a bird made of clay.

In the Qur'an Allah quotes Jesus, peace upon him, said:

Lo! I came to you with a sign from your Lord. Lo! I to you from the fashion clay the likeness of a bird, and I breathe and to the bird by Allah's leave. I heal him who was born blind and the leper and raise the dead, by Allah's leave. And I announce to you what you eat and shop in your home. Lo! This is a sign for you if you are believers.
And (I come) confirming what was before me in the Torah, and that some of these legitimate banned you. I came to you with a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me. Lo! Allah is my Lord and the Lord, worship him. This is a straight path. (Quran 3: 49-51).

Again, in the Qur'an Allah tells us about the situation on the day of resurrection:

On the day when Allah gathers the messengers and says: What was your response (from people)? They say: We have no knowledge. Lo! Verily, Thou art the knower unseen.
When Allah says: "Oh, Jesus, son of Mary! Remember my benefits for you and for your mother, how I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit, so that you spoke of mankind in the cradle of life and how I taught you the book and wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel, and how to form such as clay the likeness of a bird by my permission, and was hit on her and it was a bird by my permission, and you heal who was born blind and the leper my permission ... (Qur'an 5:109 -110)

Not all of these miracles are recorded in the canonical gospels, the four gospels in the Christian Bible.

The fact that Jesus, when he was a baby is not written anywhere in the Bible. This is not surprising, because none of the Gospels can claim to recover every event in the life of Jesus. Instead, the Gospel according to John seeks to emphasize that there were too many events to be.

Similarly, the miracle of breathing life into birds of clay is not supported by the Christian Bible. This should not ask themselves. It is clear that the writers of the gospels can write only to the tradition that is available to them. Moreover, they can not write what they know Jesus before they were written on papyrus material that were very limited length.

What is worthy of note here is that the Prophet Mohammed, May peace and blessing of Allah be with him, was honest enough to make this information about Jesus. Religion taught by God through Muhammad would deny the divinity of Jesus. Every human being, and who wanted to deny the divinity of Jesus tried to belittle Jesus. Since Christians looked miracles of Jesus as proof of his divinity, we can expect that any man who tries to deny the divinity of Jesus would not have informed people of miracles not previously known. He would even have tried to deny some of the miracles in the canonical gospels. On the other hand, the prophet Muhammad honestly conveyed the message that his Allah. (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.)

Allah tells us the truth without fear. A man tries to win followers of us only what is perfect for capturing us. They tend to reject information that May lead to opposite conclusions. On the other hand, Allah informs us about the miracles of Jesus, even if people use this information to support their earlier commitment to the doctrine of the divinity of Jesus. Allah does not need to win believers. Those who worship Allah does for your good. And those who worship false gods do for your handicap.

What Allah emphasizes, however, that the miracles of Jesus do not prove that he is divine. He performs miracles were a sign, proof that God's messenger. He played with them God's help and approval. Those who are used as proof of the wonders of his divinity would choose to forget Jesus' words:

I can its authority do nothing. (John 5:30)

They also forget the declaration of Peter:

Jesus of Nazareth, a man of God among you by miracles and wonders and miracles that he is God in you, as you know. (Acts 2:22 Kjv).

These passages show that Jesus does not do miracles on his own. That is, previously abandoned by God. Allah reminds us. Jesus constantly repeated to his audience that he performs miracles of God, to go.
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