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RZIM . Zacharias was invited to the summer of 1971 in Vietnam, where he evangelized the American soldiers as POWs and the Viet Cong. After graduating from Ontario Bible College, he began with an outpatient Ministry Christian and missionary alliance in Canada. ( rzim)In 1974 C & MA has him in Cambodia, where he preached only a short time before the fall of the Khmer Rouge. In 1977, after graduating from Trinity, Zechariah was commissioned to preach the world.

In 1983, Zacharias was invited to speak in Amsterdam in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association annual conference preacher. It was here that he first established the lack of service in the field of Christian Apologetics. After Amsterdam Zechariah, the summer of evangelism in India, where he remained until the need for Apologetics Ministry to people to Christ and to train Christian leaders. In August 1984 Ravi Zacharias International Ministries was founded in Toronto, Canada. Today, the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and has offices in Canada, England, India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

In 1989, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Zacharias was invited to speak in Moscow. Although he spoke with students at the Lenin Military Academy, as well as political leaders in the Center for Geopolitical Strategy. This was the first of the many possibilities of loyalty towards the political world. Future events include call Bogota, Colombia, in 1993, where he spoke to the Committee of Justice on the importance of a sound moral basis.

Zachary took a sabbatical in 1990 and part of that year as a visiting scientist at the University of Cambridge. There he heard lectures by men like Stephen Hawking and studied under professors such as John Polkinghorne and Don Cuppitt. He wrote his first book, A Shattered VISAGE: The Real Face of Atheism.

In 1993, Zacharias was invited to speak at its first Veritas Forum at Harvard University, and later that year was one of the speakers at the main Urbana. Zechariah remains frequent guest on these forums, and giving lectures and answering student questions and answer sessions at academic institutions like the University of Georgia, of the University of Michigan, and Penn State.

Zechariah attracted media attention when in 2004 the Church of Jesus Christ, latter-Day Saints (LDS Church) opened its signature pulpit in Salt Lake Tabernacle to external evangelist for the first time in more than a century (the last to Dwight L. Moody 1871). Zechariah was a speech on the theme "Who is the truth? Brane Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life" for some 7,000 scientists and laypeople from both LDS and Protestant camps in the first step towards an open dialogue between the camps.

Some Evangelical Zacharias criticized decision not to use this opportunity for direct contact with the "deep and fundamental" differences between the historic Christian faith, and that the LDS church. He responded by saying that Christians should not immediately condemn Mormonism's theological differences, but "to build a step at a time in the statement of our faith with clarity and conviction." He said this is just as effective if errors is one of their faith. The word commitment was almost sabotaged by claims of event organizer Greg Johnson, chairman of the Standing Together Zechariah that had nothing to do with editing the book Kingdom of worship and had only lent his name to the latest release. Johnson later apologized for his comments.

Zachary is also a frequent lecturer in the main proceedings evangelical community events such as the Future of Truth Conference in 2004, National Religious Broadcasting 'Convention and Exhibition in 2005, National Conference on Christian Apologetics, 2006, and Mission Fest Toronto 2007. On successive nights in October 2007, he solved the first students and teachers from Virginia Tech, and then the community Blacksburg, Virginia, on the theme of evil and suffering in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre. In addition, Zechariah is represented in the evangelical community in events such as the National Day of Prayer in Washington, DC, Annual Prayer Breakfast at the United Nations and the African Union Prayer Breakfast in Maputo, Mozambique, and was appointed honorary President in 2008 National Day of Prayer Task Force.
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